Terms & Conditions

Registration Policy:

All registrations are on a first-come-first-served basis as class sizes are limited. Registrations are complete only after the payment has been processed. Completing a registration form without payment does not guarantee your seat.

Attendance / Make-up Lesson Policy:

Students are expected to attend all scheduled lessons and classes. Teachers are not obligated to make up lessons resulting from student cancellations and there will be no adjustment in tuition. 

Release of Liability: I hereby agree to be responsible for the conduct and actions of my child and release SMART Core Labs and employees from any claims and demands that may occur during participation in classes that may arise from incidents/accidents involving my child, held on the premises of SMART Core Labs, to the extent allowed by law. 

Permission for Release of Content for SMART Core Labs publications, website, and social media including, but not limited to,  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for participants in classes, camps, and activities. I hereby consent that my child’s image, and likeness, as shown in videos, photographs, film, and/or electronics images and/or audio recordings of my child’s voice may be used by SMART Core Labs for purposes of event documentation, media coverage, and promotion, and are the sole property of SMART Core Labs.

Refund & Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation of Camps will be allowed up to 72 hours prior to the beginning date of a camp. A full refund of tuition will be provided within 72 hours of written notice, via email (houston@smartcorelabs.com). Cancellations for Camps made with less than 72 hours prior notice, in addition to any other reimbursements or credits for classes are subject to the discretion of SMART Core Labs.

Scheduling Policy:

Though you may register for a specific duration of classes with activities or topics in mind, SMART Core Labs can change the activities and topics at any time. We will do our best (but cannot guarantee) to maintain the posted schedule of activities and topics, however, there are instances in which we may need to change the posted activities and topics for the dates of attendance you have selected.