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An exciting and innovative educational experience, geared towards STEAM education. Our comprehensive and hands-on curriculum allows kids to step out of their textbook world and incorporate science and technology in the real world. We pride ourselves on our nurturing and caring environment that allows campers of all ages to try new activities and challenge themselves in a safe setting. We help children find their best potential by sharpening their skills in innovation, technology, media, critical thinking, creativity and so much more!

SMART Core Labs helps secure a SMART future for the generations to come.


Our expert teachers focus on the growth and development of each child by providing one-on-one assistance at every step. We aim to make learning easy and fun. 

Our highly qualified teachers recognize the potential of each child and encourage them to showcase their inner innovativeness. We believe that curious minds today will become successful individuals tomorrow, if they are guided in the right direction. Our teachers help conduct fun but safe hands-on experiments.



"As a parent, I am very impressed about the quality they provide, the cleanliness of their center, the quality of their staff, the customized trainings they offer, the respect & compassion they showed to my son and the other kids, and especially the excellent customer service they have shown."



"I am extremely satisfied with my experience there and i hope to learn more! Definitely recommend this for anybody that is interested in learning to code."


Ping Sun

“My son attended Smart Core Labs during spring break and he absolutely loved it. He has learned so much during this week. I am truly amazed. I can highly recommend it."


J. M.

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