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Covid-19 Update

Dear Parents,

 The safety and wellbeing of our students & staff are paramount for us. To make this possible, we are strictly implementing the following steps:

  • Only students & teachers will be allowed inside the building.

    • Parents are asked to drop off their children outside​.

  • Students & teachers​ will have their temperatures taken using a forehead thermometer.

  • Teachers will be required to wear facemasks.

    • Facemasks are required for students​.

  • Upon entering the building students & teachers are required to wash their hands​.

    • We will have regularly scheduled handwashing breaks throughout the day​.

    • Students are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer if possible.

  • We will sanitize the equipment after use​.

  • We will sanitize commonly touched surfaces, ex. doors, tables, chairs, etc.

  • Classes will be limited to about 10 students per class along with 1 teacher*.

    • Students will remain in their groups for the duration of the camp.​

    • We will do our best to maintain social distancing, though some activities are group activities and students might be paired up. 

    • We will do our best to keep tables and chairs 6 feet apart, when feasible. 

  • Students & staff are not to come to camp if they show signs of illness. They must be symptom-free for 48 hours ​before returning. 

We thank you in advance for following these guidelines. We are excited to get back to a sense of normalcy and hope to do so in the safest way possible! 

Thank you,

SMART Core Labs

*The number of students and teachers in attendance is subject to change at our discretion

** The above guidelines are subject to change at our discretion. 

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